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The WJFMS is peer-reviewed.

The Editorial Board is made up of specialists on French media, culture, politics, sport, language and society. The role of the Editorial Board is to assist the General Editors in the reviewing of contributions submitted to the Journal.

Articles submitted for consideration by the Journal are refereed by the General Editors and/or by one or more members of the Editorial Board.

The WJFMS Editorial Board is currently being renewed.

  • Dominique MARCHETTI (CNRS, CESP, France)
  • Richard WALTEREIT (Newcastle University, GB)
  • Nigel ARMSTRONG (Leeds University, GB)
  • Michaël ATTALI (UFRAPS - Université de Grenoble 1, France)
  • Philippe LE GUERN (Sciences de l'Information-Communication, Université d'Avignon, France)
  • Olivier BAISNEE (Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Toulouse, France)
  • Jérôme BOURDON (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Isabelle VEYRAT-MASSON ( CNRS, Laboratoire 'Communication et politique', France)