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Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted as email attachment files. The General Editors would be grateful if the conventions of page-formatting detailed below could be followed.

Electronic versions should be sent to the email addresses below:

Dr Hugh Dauncey ( and Dr Geoff Hare (,.

and Dr Cécile Méadel (

Manuscripts of Articles are submitted and considered on the basis that they have not been published elsewhere, and that the articles are not under consideration by another journal. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to re-use material already protected by copyright.

Preparation of Manuscripts

It would greatly assist the General Editors if manuscripts are prepared and submitted in conformity with the following style guidelines:

  • Line spacing and page size should be double spacing on one side of white A4 paper with margins of 3 cm all round. In length, articles should fall within the range of 4000 to 7000 words, including notes and references.
  • The front page of each submission should include the title of the article, the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), and full details on where and how the author(s) can be contacted (email, fax, postal address, telephone number).
  • Page numbers should be consecutive and located at the bottom of each page, starting from the first page of full text after the front page.
  • Titles and Section headings should be as clear and as brief as possible, and it is suggested that no more than 3 levels of subheading should be used. Please do not use the automatic facility for insertion of section numbering - it plays havoc when converting to html format.
  • End Notes and References should be written separately: the notes should be used to add comment and detail to discussion already established in the main text of the article; the references should be used to provide information on the sources referred to in the article.
  • References to articles in journals should be styled in the following ways: Schulz, Winfried (1996) 'Resonance effects in Television News', European Journal of Communication, 11(1): 33-55.
  • References to books: Pradel, Jacques and Jean-Marie Perthuis (1992) Perdu de vue. Paris: Jean-Claude Lattès/Livre de poche. References to contributions to books should be styled: C. Gueydan (1995) 'La radio en France', pp. 61-97 in G. Drouot (ed.) Les campagnes radiotélévisées. Aix-en-Provence/Paris: Presses Universitaires d'Aix-Marseille/Economica.
  • References to unpublished Works should be styled: Dauncey, H. D. (1994) 'French Space Policy', PhD dissertation, Bath, University of Bath, UK.
  • Authors and publications should be referred to in the text in the following ways: Martin (1967: 34-35), Dupont and Smith (1995: 61-97), or Leclerc et al (1987). Small-case letters (a, b, c etc) should be used to distinguish between multiple publications in one year by a single author, eg. Jones (1990a, 1990b).
  • Tables and Figures should have short descriptive titles and should be numbered appropriately. Footnotes to tables and reference to the sources of their information should be placed under the tables. Tables and figures should be submitted on separate pages at the end of the article, with the place where they occur in the text clearly marked.
  • Illustrations/Images/Sound recordings are welcomed, with the proviso that even the most high-powered servers are unable to deal with anything but modestly-sized GIFs and JPEGs, and that contributors should therefore consider whether electronic illustrations are indispensable. It is hoped that the Journal will progressively be able to accept more and more audio and visual illustrations.