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The eighth issue of the Journal is current. If you have an article, a short research note, a review-article or a review to submit, please see the links alongside to 'Information for Contributors' and to the 'Editorial Panel'. Thank you..


The Web Journal of French Media Studies Volume 8, 2010.


The WJFMS is a peer-reviewed journal.


1)  Nora BERNING: 'The Cultural Television Channel Arte and the (Non-)existence of a Cross-border Franco-German Public Sphere'

2) Jane CHAPMAN: 'The Origins of a Public Voice for Marginalised Workers in French India, 1935-37'

3) Géraldine POELS: 'Les fêtes de fin d'année à la télévision : l'invention d'une tradition, des années 1950 à aujourd'hui'

4) Jamil DAKHLIA: 'Une chute du "mur français de la vie privée" ? La peopolisation politique des années 2000'


5) Bruno LEVASSEUR: 'Journalism at the Margins: Afrika as a Case-Study of Ethnic Minority Press and Alternative Representations of the Banlieue'


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