The Web Journal of French Media Studies is an electronic journal devoted to the study of French media issues, particularly in the fields of radio and television broadcasting, and the development of new media technologies and services. The Journal is also interested in the French cinema in its relationship with other media. Contributions are welcomed discussing any current issues or analysing any topics of more historical interest. Articles, topical items, review articles and reviews will all be considered.

The Web Journal of French Media Studies was set up in 1997 in response to the need in the UK and in France for a forum of research publication capable of responding rapidly to developments in French media and new research in the discipline. The composition of the Editorial Board reflects the joint Franco-British ethos of the Journal, as does the Journal's acceptance of contributions in either French or English. One of the wider aims of the Journal is to encourage such collaboration between British and French researchers.

The Web Journal of French Media Studies is published by the Newcastle University (GB). The General Editors are Dr Hugh Dauncey and Dr Geoff Hare, who lecture and research in the School of Modern Languages at Newcastle University, and who are founder members (along with Dr Sheila Perry (Nottingham University, GB) of the French Media Research Group (FMRG) set up in 1995 as a focus for researchers into French media located in England and Scotland. Papers presented at the twice-yearly FMRG day-conferences are are considered for inclusion in the (occasional) Proceedings of the FMRG, or may be submitted to the Web Journal of French Media Studies. For details of the next FMRG conference, click on the FMRG box on the left.